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MS Project Server 2003 - Project Rename Script

As we know, to rename the project in Project server 2003, we have to delete the project and need to be saved back to the server.

Microsoft released the Project Renamer PDS Extender, which allows us to rename the project plan. EPM Central recommends using this utility to rename the projects. You can download this utility from Microsoft’s site: Project Renamer PDS Extender from Microsoft

However, I have been using my own rename script to rename the project plans. It always works very well for me. I have been using this script since I am working on MS Project Server 2003. i.e. almost four years.
I referred the Microsoft’s PDS Rename utility documentation, and build the own script to rename the project plan in project server 2003. I also extended the functionality to rename the WSS Site title.

Important, Read:  Please do not run the scripts on a live system without careful thought and planning. I always recommend, run the scripts on development environment to assure the functionality of the script. Using this script is at your sole risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material.

The following article describes the custom SQL script to rename the enterprise project plan in MS Project Server 2003 environment.

This script will perform the following actions:

  • First it checks, whether project is checked out or not. If project has been checked out, it displays the error message saying that “Project Plan has been checked out by PM Name.  Please check in project prior to rename”
  • If Project is not checked out, it will proceed and perform the following activities

        Change the project name for Microsoft project plan (MPP)

        Change the project name on enterprise project/tasks information including timesheet

        Change the project name in Project Center

        Change the project name for published assignments/timesheet tasks

        Change the Windows SharePoint Site Title

  • Steps:

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