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In project Server 2003, administrative projects are used to track “Non-project time” and “administrative” tasks such as Vacation, Meetings, Jury Duty and Training etc. Generally, resource manager or departmental manager is responsible to manage the administrative plans.

Proposed time for administrative and non-project activities will appear as work in administrative projects. Once team member submit the non working time through PWA, the manager approves, and then the Actual Work will be entered in the administrative project.


Chak is a resource in IT Tools Development.MPP and PMO-AdminPlan.mpp;

Chak have project tasks assigned in IT Tools Development.MPP and Administrative tasks in PMO-Admin.mpp

Suppose in month of June 2009, Chak have assignments as follows:
  • IT Tools Development.MPP -> 120 hours
  • PMO-AdminPlan.MPP -> 40 hours

On May 31, 2009, Chak notified his manager about his vacation plan starting from 6/1/2009 to 6/30/2009. So, manager assigned 160 hours of work against task named “Vacation” for Chak in PMO-AdminPlan.MPP

Now, the above plans are looks as below:
  • IT Tools Development.MPP -> 120 hours
  • PMO-AdminPlan.MPP -> 160 hours

Chak is not available to do any work from 6/1/2009 to 6/30/2009; System supposed to reschedule work in projects around the non working time. But it's not. Now system is giving the impression that Chak is over allocated during this period.

What we need to do in this scenario?


Contact MS Project Server administrator to enter non working time for Chak in enterprise resource pool. So, MS Project reschedules the work in project plans


PM of the IT Tools Development plan should move the Chak's work to beginning of July 2009.

The other drawback of administrative projects is when resource returned from vacation, resource submits vacation hours as actual work and it appears as actual work in administrative project plan in Project Professional. It makes the confusion when we are looking the resource utilization reports.

It indicates the administrative projects in MS Project Server 2003, planned vacation time not updating the resource calendars and not rescheduling the project work dynamically based on resource non availability.

Administrative Time Tracking in MS Project Server 2007:

Administrative Projects no longer exist in MS Project Server 2007. An administrative project has been replaced by Administrative Categories. Administrative categories can be created by Project Server administrator and available for team members in timesheet page. Submitting non working time through the timesheet creates the resource calendar exceptions, so project work can be rescheduled automatically. Submitting the working time (Meetings, Training) etc. are updated as actual work in resource utilization and it will show up in PWA/OLAP reports.

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