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                              By Ravikumar Govindaraju

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Error Message: ReportingWssSyncListFailed (Error Code: 24018)

You received the error ReportingWssSynchListFailed with error code 24018 when you publish the project plan. The error occurs on the project schedules where you removed one or more out of the box list columns on its project workspace.

The base of this issue is the SharePoint workspace modification done by the workspace administrator for the project needs. Most of this happens on the List items such as Contacts, Issues, and Risks.


When the project plan is published, the publish job completes to 100% and changes are appearing on tasks page for the team member, PM able to track the changes. However the Reporting (WSS Sync) job on the queue can be found failed at 0% and it will show the status as Failed But Not Blocking Correlation. This error will occur every time you publish the project plan. If the email notification is enabled, the schedule owner receives an email indicating the error message.

When you click on Click to view the error details, you will see the similar message as below:


This issue is caused by modifying the project workspace list items. Not all the modification will cause this error to appear. It happens only if the out of the box (default) columns for the lists are deleted permanently instead of hiding them to appear on the views. When a web administrator is requested to remove any of such out of the box columns on the list items view, he shall do this by simply go and uncheck the particular column on the respective view's definition.

To achieve this, the administrator can follow below steps.
  • Open Project Web Access
  • From the Project Center, select the project plan and click on Actions and go to the Workspace of the project where you planned for the removal of a column on any of list items
  • Once the workspace is loaded, click on the Site Actions menu on the top right corner and click on the Site Settings
  • Under modifying the site contents, select Customize Issues or any other list items.
  • Bottom of the page has a section named “Views” where you can find the view that you would like to modify (here lets assume you would like to remove a column from the view)
  • Now, click on the view which opens the page where you can edit the view
  • Here, you can see a section named “Columns” which shows all the available views along with their availability to this view as well as their display position (order) on the view.
  • Let's assume we do not need the out of the box column "Due Date" on this view. In this case, we can uncheck the check box in front of the column "Due Date". This will remove this field from the view however does not delete from the schema.

However, by mistake sometimes the web administrator goes into the other way where he can delete the column permanently so that it doesn’t get visible to any of the views. Meaning, it gets deleted from the underlying schema of the SharePoint workspace.

When a project is published that synchronizes workspace and the out of the box lists for user permissions. If the any of the list item misses to have the required out of the box column then it ends with this specific error message.

Workaround (How to Resolve this issue):

We have two different solutions to this issue based on the volume of data you have on the project workspace list items.
  • Workaround for Simple / Empty Workspace
  • Workaround for Workspace having larger volume of data

You can choose the method based on the case. Prior approaching the workarounds lets look at some basic requirements.

  • The workaround is been performed by an administrator on the system
  • You need to have SharePoint administrator permission so that you are able to access the SharePoint Central Administration site
  • You need to have access and administrator permission on the web server running MSPS 2007. Because you will need to execute STSADM command line utility as a part of fix.
  • Also you should be an administrator on MSPS or having accessibility to all the projects in the Project Center with permission to save and publish.
  • Note down the Project plan name and the complete URL of its workspace.

Workaround for Simple / Empty Workspace:

To ensure the category of workaround, the problematic projects workspace will not have any data. Meaning, the project workspace simply contain no vital information or information that has been recorded somewhere else as documentation ...Read more

Workaround for Workspace having larger volume of data

The intention of this workaround is to simplify the previous workaround and manual effort involved in backup process. The base of this workaround is exactly same as the earlier that is to backup data, delete workspace, re-create workspace and add those data from backup. ...Read more

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