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MS Project Server 2007 -> Edit SharePoint site by using SharePoint Designer 2007

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 is the tool of choice for customizing Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Warning: Do not edit a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site by using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003. Please also remember, do not edit PWA site by using SharePoint Designer 2007. If you do this, you run a major risk of corrupting the site. Instead, always use SharePoint Designer 2007 to edit the site.

Also do not create the project type lists such as Issues, Risks and Deliverables. These lists are default lists and will be created by using Microsoft Project Workspace template. These lists are internally integrated with MS Project Schedules and Reporting Database. By creating your own custom lists by giving name Issues or Risks or Deliverables will break the workspace reporting feature.

This article gives the idea on using Office SharePoint Designer 2007 to customize a SharePoint sites.

When you create a SharePoint site using the Project Workspace template, the home page includes two default graphics. A Windows SharePoint Services logo appears in the body of the page, and a picture of a house in a circle appears near the site title. You can change these graphics to customize your site.


Sometimes, you may be wanted to keep your own organization logo on SharePoint site. The below steps will explain how to replace the default logo of the home page with your organization logo on SharePoint site.

  • Access the SharePoint site home page and note the URL; In my example, URL is:
  • Launch Office SharePoint Designer 2007. (Start menu -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007)
  • Click File menu and then click Open Site; Type the URL for Site Name and then click Open

    (Please note, do not enter default.aspx when you open site in SharePoint Designer.)

  • You may be prompted to enter username and password
The home page's content and formatting come from the default master page. Master pages are page templates that stay attached to pages of SharePoint site.

The default master page in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 sites is named default.master and is located in the site's _catalogs/masterpage folder.

Default.master controls the formatting of the home page and of all other default pages. You have to look for master page in SharePoint Designer explorer.

  • See on left side pane, click on Folder List tab

  • Click on Design to view the site on design mode

  • Click on image of the home page; click on Insert menu -> Picture -> From File

  • Browse the folders on your machine and select the image file and click on Insert

  • Enter Alternate text information on “Accessibility Properties” dialog box and click OK

  • Custom logo (Organization logo) will be appear on home page of the SharePoint site

  • File menu -> Save
  • Save Embedded Files dialog box will be appear, click OK

    (This step will help you to save the custom logo to SharePoint site)

  • File -> Close Site to close the editing process of SharePoint site
  • Access the SharePoint site by typing the URL; you will see your custom logo by navigating to every page of the SharePoint site.

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