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The following article describes the possible issues PWA instance migrated from one instance to another (or) PWA instance provisioned after Project Server 2007 upgrade.

1. Unable to open project, no valid Project Details could not be found for the project

Symptom: When you click project name link in Project Center, Project Details (PDP) pages are not loading. The following error will be displayed.

Possible Cause: Project Details Page is not configured to display; you have to configure PDP against Project Template.

Solution: PWA Home -> Server Settings -> Enterprise Project Types -> Basic Project Plan -> In Basic Project Plan, associate the “Schedule” PDP

2. The view failed to load. Press OK to reload this view with the default settings. Press Cancel to select another view

Symptom: When you click project name link in Project Center, Project Schedule views are failed to load. The following error will be displayed.

Possible Cause: Please read the article here

Solution: Require the latest updates of Project Server 2010; Install August 2010 CU

Recommend Update: Install Project Server 2010 SP1 and June 2011 CPU.

3. Project fields not loaded – This Web Part was unable to load

Symptom: When you click project name link in Project Center, Project Information Fields (PDP) page not loading. The following error will be displayed.

Possible Cause: : This specific issue turned out to be due to a PWA site being used as the Project Site for a specific project – which isn’t usual, or probably recommended, but can be done by activating the collaboration lists feature and then associating the site with a project.

This adds a couple of properties to PWA’s SPWeb object – the PWAURL and MSPWAPROJUID properties, which are not normally expected to be there.

Solution: Using Power Shell commands set the null against incorrect PWA instance.

$Web = get-SPWeb PWA URL

$Web.AllProperties | Format-Table



Reference articles: Please read the details of steps in following articles:

Method 1: Incorrect - PWA Null

Method 2: Incorrect - PWA Null

4. PWA creation process failed with error “The database specified is already used by another project server. Enter a different server or database name and try again.”

Possible Cause: : This error can occur if the user deletes the ContentDB hosting the PWA site collection and no other PWA instances exist using those Project databases

Solution:Please read the article on epmsource.com site. Click here about description of the error and solution.

Power Shell Commands to delete PWA instance:

a) Find the Project Server Service Application:

$serviceapp = get-spserviceapplication | ? {$_.TypeName –like “*Project*”}

$serviceapp | ft name, id

b) View the Site Collection Properties:

$pwainstances = $serviceapp.Sitecollection


c) Remove the configuration for the incorrectly deleted instance:

$toberemoved = $pwainstances | ? {$_.Id –eq “Id of the instance to delete”}



5. String was not recognized as a valid Boolean

Symptom: You restored/pre-exists Project Server databases and using those databases to create new PWA site and trying to create PWA site using Project Server Application service UI and PWA creation failed with the error “String was not recognized as a valid Boolean.”

Possible cause: System was not able to recognize the PWA collection to from content database to create new PWA site.

Solution: Create PWA site using Power Shell commands (SharePoint 2010 Management Shell):

  • Log on to Project Server 2010 machine
  • On the Start menu, click All Programs, Click on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products, Right click on SharePoint 2010 Management Shell -> Run as Administrator
  • Use the following syntax to create new PWA site; Use the appropriate values within " " in below syntax.
    New-SPProjectWebInstance -Url "pwa url" -AdminAccount "admin account with domain" -PrimaryDbserver "database server name" -PublishedDbname "Published database name" -ArchiveDbname "Archive database name" -DraftDbname "Draft database name" -ReportingDbserver "Database server name for Reporting" -ReportingDbname "Reporting database name"
  • "Creation of PWA site queued" message displayed on Shell window
  • Launch SharePoint Central Administration site, Application Management section, click Manage service applications, On the Manage Service Applications page, click the Project Server Service Application, On the Manage Project Web App Sites page, you can see the status of PWA site creation (Use "Refresh" link to view the updated status)


New-SPProjectWebInstance -url "http://chakserver/PWA" -AdminAccount "CHAKSERVER\Administrator" -PrimaryDbserver "chakserver" -PublishedDbname "ProjectServer_Published" -ArchiveDbname "ProjectServer_Archive" -DraftDbname "ProjectServer_Draft" -ReportingDbserver "chak-sql" -ReportingDbname "ProjectServer_Reporting"

6. Blank URLs (Site Address ) for Project Sites as below

The Bulk Update Project Sites page allows you to change site path information for project sites in one Web application to a different one (for example, when migrating). It allows you to break the original links between projects and their corresponding project sites in one site collection and then relink to the new project sites in the new site collection.

Solution: Reference Article: Please read the details of steps in following article:

Bulk Update Project Sites

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