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How to manage the SharePoint list from your desktop (Working offline):

Windows SharePoint Services is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 2003 (Excel 2003, MS Word 2003, and MS Outlook 2003) products. When MS Excel 2003 installed on your machine, you can export SharePoint list to yourlocal machine that stays updated with changes to the original list in your SharePoint site. The Excel 2003 spreadsheet maintains a connection to the SharePoint list and therfore becomes a linked object.

Typically, SharePoint will contain the lists like Issues, Risks, Contacts and customized lists.

To work with excel on SharePoint lits, you must have the Manage Lists permissions on the SharePoint site.

Note: Please make sure your updates should not conflict with your team member updates when you are working offline. Coordination among team is always desirable in this approach. The following approach is more suitable when you are the solo owner and responsible for updates.

In this example, I am showing the steps to export a list from a SharePoint site to an Excel 2003 Spreadsheet with the contents of the list on the SharePoint site. Also I am describing the steps here to make updates on SharePoint list from your local machine.


  • Logon to SharePoint site and access the list that you want to manage from desktop. (In this example, I am referring Customer list on my SharePoint site for steps)

  • Click on Customers
  • Based on default settings of your list, contents will be displayed in Standard view or Datasheet view
  • Click on "Datasheet view" (If yours default view is Standard) to view the contents in grid style.


  • Click on “Task Pane” on header of the Datasheet view; you can see the “Office links” on side of the datasheet. Here you will see the various options to integrate the list with excel


  • Click on “Export and Link to Excel”; excel application will start on your machine and it opens the new worksheet and display the "Opening Query" window.
  • Click on “Open” on Open Query window; see below, all my contents of customers list from SharePoint is now imported as excel file on to my desktop.


  • Click on “Open” on Open Query window; see below, all my contents of customers list from SharePoint is now imported as excel file on to my desktop.


  • Save this file to your machine by giving any name. Close the file; Now, you can update the customers list from your machine.
How to Update:

  • Open the excel file that you saved in above step
  • Enter the new information in next available row (marked with *) OR Update the existing rows.

    (To demonstrate my example here, I modified
          (a) Row number 5; I changed the address 148 Fremont Blvd to 888 Fremont Blvd;      
    ( b) Entered the new row at row number 9:
  • After updates/new entries has done, you have to synchronize the list to SharePoint site. Please use either one of the following option

        Please click on any cell of the content; Right click -> List -> Synchronize List

    On Data Menu -> List -> Synchronize List


All updates done at your local excel file will be reflected to SharePoint automatically.


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