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Articles -> Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 -> Security and Permissions
                By Jonathan Sofer
Users gain access to SharePoint sites based on their permissions in project server. They are added to any one of the following 4 security groups in SharePoint automatically when their accounts are synchronized with WSS (SharePoint) or when the site itself is synchronized. The definition of how they are added to these groups is in the group description.
  • Project Managers (Microsoft Office Project Server) - Users who have published this project or who have Save Project permission in Microsoft Office Project Server
  • Readers (Microsoft Office Project Server) - Users who have View Project Documents, Issues and Risks permission in Microsoft Office Project Server
  • Team members (Microsoft Office Project Server) - Users who have assignments in this project in Microsoft Office Project Server
  • Web Administrators (Microsoft Office Project Server) - Users who have Manage Windows SharePoint Team Services permission in Microsoft Office Project Server

Security can be manually manipulated by adding specific users to other security groups within SharePoint under "Site Settings>Go to Site Administration>Manage site groups".
"Contributor" is an example group you can manually manage membership to. Or you can create your own custom security groups within SharePoint with custom permissions. All this is manually done by and administrator and membership to these custom security groups is manual and can become tedious.

Also, security rights can only be modified as low as the Document Library level. Document Libraries contain folders and documents. You cannot control individual access to specific folders or documents within a document library in WSS 2.0. If you want special access to certain documents, you will need to create a whole separate document library from the "Documents and Lists" tab. Once in your new doc library you can change permissions under "Modify settings and columns>Change permissions for this document library"

This is not the case in WSS 3.0 where you can now control access down to the document level.

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