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Extend Default Project Workspace

The SharePoint site structure always based on the template you specified under Site Provision settings. Project Workspace is a default template and all the sites on WSS will be create based on the structure of Project Workspace template.

A project workspace site includes the lists for team collaboration such as “Project Documents, Project Issues, Project Risks and Project Deliverables”. The other default lists in the All Site Content page (Announcements, Calendar, Links, and Tasks) are generic lists that are available in all Windows SharePoint Services sites. The project workspace template that is used for site creation can be extended and customized to better suit the needs of your organization. This article explains how to create an extended workspace template, and how to deploy a custom template for use of future SharePoint site creation.

In general you might be in one of the following scenario on the process of extending project workspace. Please identify your scenario and follow the sequence of the steps.

Scenario 1: SharePoint site structure based on default project workspace is not address your organization needs. So you decided to have customized site and want to use that site structure for all the SharePoint sites.

Scenario 2: You already have Project SharePoint site and it contains structured document libraries, well defined list formats and customized look and feel. You want to create Project Workspace template based on this site.

In both the scenarios, you need to define new site template and deploy the template as workspace template for all future SharePoint sites.

Scenario 1:

The following steps will be required to customize/extend the project workspace template.
Scenario 2:

The following steps will be required to customize/extend the project workspace template based on existing site.
  • Bookmark the URL of the SharePoint (Note down the URL of the SharePoint, later you may be needed)
  • Remove association between Project and WSS


         On the home page of Project Web Access, click Server Settings

         In Operational Policies, click Project Workspaces

         Highlight the project workspace site you want for the template source, click “Edit Site Address”

         Choose the option “Remove the URL for the SharePoint site”

         Click OK on prompt to remove the link to this project workspace.

  • Please proceed to Step 3

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