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Create SharePoint 2010 Configuration Database using Power Shell Commands
MS SharePoint 2010 installation process will automatically create the SharePoint Configuration database. If you would like to create the SharePoint Configuration database on your own, you can use the Power Shell commands.

The following article also gives a workaround to install SharePoint 2010/Project Server 2010 using local administrator account. You need Domain accounts to perform the installation SharePoint Server 2010/Project Server 2010.

If you try to install Project Server 2010 with local administrator account, installation process will stop when you run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard at step Configuration Database Settings by giving the following error message.

The specified user administrator is a local account. Local accounts should only be used in stand alone mode.

Work around : You can use Power Shell commands to create the configuration database, so you can by pass this error. Once you create the SharePoint Configuration database, you can able to run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard and able to install Project Server 2010.

Warning: Microsoft recommends to use the Domain accounts for SharePoint 2010 installation. Please use this work around for installing the training/evaluation version only. Please do not use this work around to install production server.

Creating SharePoint 2010 Configuration Database using Power Shell Commands
  • Log on to SharePoint 2010 machine

  • On the Start menu, click All Programs, Click Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products, Click SharePoint 2010 Management Shell

  • At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command New-SPConfigurationDatabase

  • Specify the Database Server and the user credentials to access the database; Enter the local administrator user name and password

  • Enter the PassPhrase and press enter key

This command creates a new configuration database with SQL Server and it will allow us to run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard successfully to create the SharePoint 2010 Farm.

Steps to run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard:
  • Click Start, All Programs, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products, SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard

  • At the Welcome to SharePoint Products and Technologies page, click Next

  • A confirmation dialog message appears that displays a list of services that may have to be restarted. Click Yes

  • On the Modify server farm Settings page, select the Do not disconnect from this server farm option, and then click Next

  • If the server is hosting the Central Administration web site, the Modify SharePoint Central Administration Web Application Settings page will be displayed. Select the No, this machine will continue to host the web site option, and then click Next

  • On the Completing the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard page, click Next

  • On the Configuration Successful page, click Finish

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