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Deployment - Install Project Server 2007 Trial Version
Trail version is valid for 180 days. Steps to Install Project Server 2007 Trail Version:
  1. Make sure your computer system meets the prerequisites of Project Server 2007 installation

  2. Download MS Project Server 2007 CD image by accessing the following URL from MSDN:


  3. You will be redirected to Microsoft Download Center. Click on “Continue” to enter the registration details

  4. You will be redirected to Microsoft Technet page and you have to provide Windows Live™ ID and password to Sign in.

    (MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger, or Passport account is your Widnows Live ID. If you do not have, click on “Signup Now”)

  5. Once you enter your valid Windows ID and Password, you will be back to the original location
    of step 1 and now you can see the “Download” option. Click on “Download”

  6. Save “ProjectServer.img” file to your local machine.

  7. Expand the ProjectServer.IMG file to a blank CD using the software of your choice

    Tip: Rename the ProjectServer.IMG file to ProjectServer.ISO

    By using CD write software; you can burn the ProjectServer.ISO file by choosing the burn CD Image option.

  8. Install Project Server 2007 from the CD you just burned; Use this product key: B8YDV-YXCBP-9W4JP-GY9FM-RKCW3 during installation

  9. System displays the following installation options:

    Note: Because of Windows licensing restrictions, if you are using Windows Server 2003, Web Edition in a single server environment, you can only perform a Basic installation. You can also access the "Stand-alone" installation option by clicking "Advanced" option.

  10. Continue the installation as per instructions. Refer the Microsoft site for the installation guide.

  11. Basic Installation: Choose “Basic” installation option, if you are planning to install complete project server on single machine. This option also installs the SQL Server 2005 Express edition as database server. In this scenario, it’s not required you to have separate database server and SQL Server license for database. This kind of installation will be called as “Single computer installation” or “Stand alone installation”.

    See below for Pros and Cons of Basic Installation:

    • Separate machine is not required for database server
    • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition also install during Project Server 2007 installation
    • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is free; no need to worry about licensing cost

    • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is not cable to support SQL Analysis Services, so it’s not possible to explore the Data Analysis, OLAP views on installed Project Server.
    • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is having limited functionality on SQL Reporting Services
    • After 180 days of trail period, If you are planning to change to a larger Project Server deployment, be aware that the SQL Server Express 2005 database cannot be migrated to SQL Server 2000

    Note: If you see the 'complete' and 'web front end' options are disable and not allowing to select these options, it means your computer already having SQL Server Express Edition. Installation process is attempting to use the default account of existing SQL Server Express database. Uninstall SQL Express Edition to access the other options. Please make sure, you do not have required data prior to uninstall SQL Express.

    Advanced Installation: Choose “Advanced” installation option, if you are planning to have farm installation. Basic installation is the default installation for trial version. But you can choose the “Advanced” installation”, if you are planning to install complete project server with specifying your own database server. This option enables you to enter the database server name and login info to connect the database server. This installation is called as “Farm Installation”.

    On farm installation, database server can be resides on same computer where you are installing the Project Server 2007 (OR) database server can be resides on separate machine. In both the cases, specify the SQL Server user credentials to connect to the Project Server during the installation.

    Note: Please make sure, you already having the valid SQL Server license to do "Advanced" installation.

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