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Deployment - Installation Roadmap
Office Project Server 2007 installation includes these three main components:
  • Office Project Server 2007 Web tier
  • Office Project Server 2007 application tier
  • Office Project Server 2007 database tier (Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with the most recent service pack, or Microsoft SQL Server 2005)
Office Project Server 2007 Web tier: The Web tier of the EPM Solution includes two components; " Microsoft Office Project Web Access " and " Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 " , both of which are integrated with Internet Information Services (IIS).

Office Project Server 2007 application tier: Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 is the central component of a Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution.

Office Project Server 2007 database tier: The Office Project Server 2007 database tier consists of databases related to Project Server and Windows SharePoint Services.

Types of Installation:

One-server configuration: The one-server configuration deploys all three components on the same computer.

This configuration should only be used for a very small company or for a small pilot deployment. This is not recommended for larger companies or for customers who are using many or larger projects.

Two-server configuration: Deploy the Web tier and Application tier on one server and Database tier on second server. This configuration will be called as Small Farm Installation .

This topology can be used for small to medium size organizations. This topology is optimal when there is less than 50 project managers and from 500 to 1000 active projects at one time.

NOTE: As your system grows to where it has 50 or more project managers and more than 1,000 active projects, Web tier can implement in load balanced topology. In this topology, the Web tier (Project Server front-end Web server) is deployed in a load-balanced cluster to provide higher availability. This type of environment will be called as Medium Farm Installation

Please remember, you can not implement network load balanced environment on Application tier.

Three-server configuration: The three-server configuration deploys each component on its own server. It means, Web tier on one machine, Application tier on second machine and Database tier on third machine. This configuration will be called as Large Farm Installation .

As your EPM Solution scales in size to a large organization and needs to support a greater number of active projects (3,000 or more), it should scale to a server topology that provides redundancy at each tier for greater availability. An additional front-end Web server provides a better experience for a large number of Office Project Web Access users.

This farm can be increased in size to meet the needs of a much larger company by having multiple front-end Web servers and application tiers. The database tier can also be clustered with additional database servers or to include multiple clusters.

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