Project Server FAQs
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MS Project FAQs:
1. Can I use Master Projects in Project Server?
2. Can I turn off email notifications per project?
3. I have republished my plan with more work on a completed task. It is still not showing up under current tasks in timesheet?
4. Is there a way to print out all Enterprise Resource calendar execptions?
5. Why a task field does not show any data when added to the timesheet view?
6. I want to edit project server account (project profile) information on MS Project Professional client. But when I click the properties button, everything is grayed out.

1. Can I updated my timesheet on a weekly basis if the default setting is day by day?
2. There are assignments on my project but they are not showing up in the resources timesheet?
3. When I click on my PWA Home page, my Quick Launch buttons on the left side of the pane or any of the links in the reminders (Tasks, Timesheets, Approvals, Status Reports, and Issues and Risks) Web Part, it just reloads the PWA Home page each time they are clicked. What will be the issue?
4. I have a task that is set to start in the future but is not showing up in my Current Tasks.


Admininstration FAQs: