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MS Project 2010 - Project Plan Sync to SharePoint Site
In MS Project 2010, PM can publish a project plan to SharePoint site. This feature allows the collaboration between PM and his/her team members. Team members can see their tasks in SharePoint site and it also possible that team members can edit the schedule data (% complete, start date or due Date etc.)


Sync to SharePoint is a Project 2010 feature, but not a Project Server feature. Once your Project Professional 2010 client connected to MS Project Server 2010, sync to SharePoint feature will be disabled.

If you create a project plan on your local machine without connecting to server, you can save the plan to pre-existing SharePoint site. Also you can sync the edits between project plan and SharePoint site. This feature is useful in the scenario where Project Server is not available and PM want to collaborate the project plan with team members or with other PM. The other PM/team leader can also perform the schedule edits in SharePoint site, so original PM can synchronize the updates to project plan.


This feature is useful in the scenario where you have Project Server 2010, but you would like to publish the project plan to the SharePoint site rather than Project Server.


You should have project plan created in your local machine (and) SharePoint site created with Team Site template or Project Site Template or similar.

1. Let’s say we have a project plan called “Engineering Project Plan” in local machine at C:\chak-projects

2. The URL of SharePoint site we would like to save the project plan is http://chakserver/PWA/it-intranet/


Open project plan from local drive

File tab -> Save & Send -> Sync with Tasks List

Enter Site URL and click Validate URL to confirm that the site exists and obtain the list of all existing tasks lists in the site.

Once the tasks list names have been retrieved, task list names will be appear in the dropdown. The user must select existing task list from dropdown or optionally you can enter the new name for task list to create.

In this example, I entered a new name “Engineering Tasks”. (Please note, Engineering Tasks list not yet exist in SharePoint site. This process will be going to create the new task list.)

Click Sync

This action will create the tasks list on SharePoint site. The new task list called “Engineering Tasks” will look as below:

Also after first sync, the sync option also appears in the Info tab as below:

Task list on SharePoint site:

The following views are available on task list. Please choose the required view.

Edit Schedule from SharePoint:

Choose the appropriate view and drill down to the task name

Click on Task name to edit

Perform the edit on task and click OK to save

PM can synchronize the updated by clicking Sync button in the Info tab (or) Sync under Save & Send tab. Project plan will synchronize with the updates done at SharePoint site.

Note: If the same data is modified both in SharePoint site and Project Plan, PM will get the prompt with a conflict resolution window during the sync. PM have the option to choose the required edit to update the project plan.

Things to remember on Sync to SharePoint:

  • This feature works only works when Project Professional is not connected to Project Server
  • Automatic Schedule type tasks will be converted to Manually Scheduled during sync
  • Summary tasks will be displayed as single entry in SharePoint task list that requires a drill down to the details. You can choose the “All Tasks” view to display all detailed tasks
  • It is possible to sync any task list in the site regardless of the name. You can also give a new name to the task list during first sync between project plan and site
  • In order to view the details of assignment on SharePoint site, team member should have access to SharePoint site
  • Project plan should have only start to finish constraints to sync with SharePoint list

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