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MS Project -> Resources -> Enterprise Resources
Enterprise Resource Pool:

All resources (employees, contractors and generic resources) from entire organization can be managed in centralized location. Enterprise Resource Pool will be available to add the resources into your project plan.
Generally Enterprise Resource Pool will be setup and maintained by Project Server Administrator.

Enterprise resource pool gives the complete visibility of resource availability, roles and utilization.

Resource managers can use enterprise resource pool to manage the capacity planning and able to plan the staffing needs for organization

Project Server Resource Types:

Enterprise Resources: Resources that are added to enterprise resource pool.

Generic Resources: A generic resource is a title or other similar description of the resource rather than an actual name. You can use the generic resources in schedules when you don’t have information that who is the actual resource working on that task. Generic Resources are primarily used during the early stage of developing a plan, as a place holder for required resource. If you are using the project plan to develop cost estimates, then the costs for Generic Resources will be applied to calculate costs. You can substitute Generic Resources with Enterprise Resources at any time. A Generic Resource is identified by the following symbol:

Local Resources: A local resource is a resource that is added to a project plan that did not originate from the Enterprise Resource Pool.

Please note that Local Resources will be displayed with icon in Resource Sheet view

Booking Types: Project Manager can assign resources and indicate whether the resource is committed or proposed.

Committed Resource: A resource that is formally allocated to any task assignments within a project.

Proposed Resource: A resource with a pending resource allocation to a task assignment that has not yet been finalized. Proposed Resources will not get assignments by publishing the project.

To change the booking type for a resource, click on the Booking Field (on Resource Sheet view) and select the appropriate booking type from the dropdown.

Adding Enterprise Resources

In order to add enterprise resources in your project plan by connecting to the Enterprise resource pool, you have to use Build Team feature from your project plan.

Detailed steps to add the resources from Enterprise Resource Pool:
  • Open your project plan. On View menu -> Resource Sheet
  • Click Tools, and then Build Team from Enterprise

  • In the Build Team Section, scroll through the Enterprise Resource list on the lower left side, and select a Resource.


    In the Build Team Section, click on Customize Filters to list the required enterprise resources.

  • Select resources from the Enterprise Resource list and click the Add button.
  • Click OK button.
  • Selected enterprise resources will be added to project plan. You can verify by seeing the names in Resource Sheet View.

Substituting Resources

At various points in time, it may become necessary to swap out resources that are currently working on your project. You might be added a Generic Resource on a project and forecasted the work need to be done by that resource. When you have real resource to do the work, you have to swap the generic resource with enterprise resource.

You have to use Build Team from Enterprise feature to replace the generic resource with enterprise resource.

  • Open Project Plan
  • On Tools menu -> Build Team from Enterprise
  • Select a resource from your Project Team
  • Click on Match (MS Project Server run the RBS rules to find the same skilled available resources. This step is optional)
  • Select a resource in the Enterprise Resource list and click “Replace”
  • Click OK
"Replace" option in Build Team from Enterprise replaces a new resource for all future work and it leaves the actual work (if any actual work associated with original resource) with original resource.

If you would like to keep the actual work also with new resource, in that case don’t use Build Team from Enterprise.

To work around this issue, instead of replacing the resource with build team option, it is worth to copy assignments from original resource to new resource.

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