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MS Project -> Network Diagram ( PERT Chart)

The Network Diagram view was called the PERT Chart in earlier versions of Project. This view shows the dependencies between tasks in a graphical manner. Gantt chart is primarily meant to view the schedule time line, where as Network diagram to view the all type of dependencies in the project.

Each task shown in the box called node and a line connecting two boxes represents the dependency between those tasks.

You can also create new tasks in the Network Diagram. It’s always easy to manage the tasks from Gantt chart view, but if you are concerns on view the dependencies instantly while you creating the tasks, Network Diagram will be the right one.

Network Diagram also can display a record of progress:
  • If the task is completed, the task node shows cross diagonal lines
  • If the task is in progress but not completed, a single diagonal line draw through node
  • No diagonal line appears in tasks that are not yet started

Create Task:
  • On the View menu, -> Network Diagram
  • Select the task box before the place in the diagram where you want to insert a new task
  • On the Insert menu -> New Task
  • In the new task box, click the Task Name field, and then type the task name
  • Click each field that you want to enter information in, and then type the information that is appropriate to each field

Display Settings: To get the Layout window to specify the options, On Network Diagram view -> Click on Format menu -> Layout

Network diagram shows the Critical and Non-Critical tasks with different colors. You can specify your own colors by using Layout options.

Also, if you want to print the Network Diagram, you need to specify the following options on Layout window;
  • Choose “Allow manual box positioning” on layout window
  • Select “Adjust for page breaks” on layout window

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