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MS Project 2007 -> MS Project Server 2007 - Open Project Plan

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If you already worked in MS Project Server 2003 environment, you have to understand the concept Local Cache prior to open the project from Project Server 2007.

Project Server 2007 introduces a new client-side cache and caching service. Project Professional interacts directly with the local cache for opens and saves. The caching service then handles moving the changes between the client and Project Server. Please make sure you already created Project Server account prior to open a project from server.

Prior to attempt to open the project plan, please make sure that you already created Project Server account in Project Professional with your user credentials.

Open project plan from Project Server 2007:
  • Launch MS Project Professional 2007 by connecting to Project Server
  • Click on File menu -> Open

The system displays the projects that you have access in server in Open dialog box. Also you can notice that Enterprise Projects has been highlighted on left pane.

By default, you see all those projects currently in your cache along with Retrieve the list of all projects from Project Server icon.

If you are accessing the Project Server first time, you see only one item Retrieve the list of all projects from Project Server. The reason is you haven’t opened any project from server. You won’t see any projects listed in the Open dialog box until you’ve opened a project.

If you see only one item “Retrieve the list of all projects from Project Server” in the Open dialog box, double click on this icon to list all the projects that you have access on server.

Next time when you attempt to open project from File-> Open, you will see that project (previously opened) along with Retrieve the list of all projects from Project Server icon.

Select the required project and click on Open button to open the project plan.

Also read the section to know about more details on Open project with options.

NOTE: If project plan has been already published, you can also open project plan from Project Web Access (PWA).

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