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MS Project 2007 -> MS Project Server 2007 - Share Project Plan with External Users
You may be in situation that you have Project Plan in Project Server 2007 and you would like to send the project plan to some one else for review. But your reviewer does not have access to your project server.

In this situation, you can use the MS Project Server feature called Save For Sharing. This feature allow you to check out a project that you are working on, send it to someone else for review, and then check the file back into Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 with changes made by the reviewer.

Please remember, the person with whom you are sharing the project must have Office Project Professional 2007 or Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007 installed on his/her machine.

The shared file can only be saved back to Project Server from the computer where you initially saved it for sharing.

If there are pending operations for the project, such as task updates from team members, you must wait for those pending operations to finish processing before you can successfully save the project for sharing.

If the shared file is lost, or becomes unavailable for any reason, the server administrator can force a check-in of the project on Project Server.

Step 1: Check out and save the project plan for sharing:
  • Launch MS Project Professional 2007 by connecting to MS Project Server 2007
  • File menu -> Open
  • Double-click Retrieve the list of all projects from Project Server to open a project from the server

  • Open project plan
  • On File menu -> click on Save For Sharing

  • In the Save in box, select the drive and folder where you want to save the project


    Save project on your local machine

  • In the File name box, type a name for the shared project

    Tip: It is a good idea to name the project using some indication that it is a shared project. For example, for a project called CBT Implementation, you might name the shared file as CBT Implementation - Shared

  • File menu -> Close
(Project name appear as "Checked out" on server and also appear as "Locked for Sharing" in your cache list)

Step 2: Share plan with reviewer:
  • Inform the reviewer about shared drive location of the project


    Send an email with attachment of shared file to the reviewer

(Your reviewer can open project plan by using Project Professional 2007/Project Standard 2007 on his/her machine by choosing Computer profile.)

Step 3: Confirm updates and Check in file to the Sever:

When all changes have been made to the shared file, the next step is to save the changes back to Project Server 2007.

NOTE: To save the changes in the shared file back to the file on Project Server 2007, open the shared file on the computer where you initially saved the file for sharing, and then connect to Project Server 2007.

  • If you received file by email, save file back to original location on your computer
  • Open shared file by connecting to Project Server
  • File menu > click on Save as -> click Save

  • If you see the prompt on enterprise resource name changes with local resources, click on Yes to All
  • Click Check in to check in project to the server
  • Click on “Yes” to check in the project on prompt to get the confirmation from you regarding whether you want to checkin project
The version of the file saved on the server is updated, and the project has been check back to the server and available for further updated on server.

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