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Administration -> MS Project Server 2003 -> Edit Site Address
Re-assigning a sharepoint site to another project

Example: Say there are 2 project plans. Project plan A has an existing site that needs to be moved/linked to Project plan B.


  • On PWA, click on Admin
  • Click on Manage Windows SharePoint Services
  • Click on Manage SharePoint sites
  • Select the ProjectA by higlighting the row
  • Click on Edit Site Address
  • Copy the URL from text box into notepad (notedown the URL, it needed later)
  • Click on "Remove SharePoint site URL"
  • Click on OK
  • Click on "Yes" to remove the Web site prompt
  • Select the ProjectB higlighting the row
  • Click on Edit Site Address
  • Paste the URL from step 10 or enter the URL
  • Click on OK
  • Click on OK to add the users manually from ProjectA to Project B prompt

Also update the site title accordingly. Please follow the steps below:

Edit Site Title:
  • Access the site home page
  • Click on Site Settings link from top menu
  • Click on Change site title and description under Customization
  • Update the Title
  • Click OK

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