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Administration -> MS Project Server 2007 -> Timesheet Periods
If your organization plans to use the Project Server 2007 timesheet system, you must define timesheet periods that match your organizationís method for collecting time. When you create a timesheet period, you are setting up the periods that team members select and report time against.

Steps to create timesheet periods:
  • On the Quick Launch, click Server Settings
  • On the Server Settings page, click Timesheet Periods
  • In the Define Bulk Period Parameters section, specify the number of periods that you want to create, the start date of the first timesheet period, and the standard length of the periods in days
  • In the Define Batch Naming Convention section, specify the naming convention for each timesheet period so that team members can easily identify them
  • Click Create and Save

Example: Creating Timesheet Periods using Bulk Create Method:

The system creates timesheet Periods according to specifications entered above, and the periods displayed as in Create Periods page.

Edit Timesheet Period:

In the Create Periods section, you can further modify the periods:
  • Click Insert Before or Insert After to insert an additional timesheet periods
  • To rename a timesheet period, click the name of the timesheet period in the Period Label column, and then type a new name
  • To change the status of the period, click Open or Closed in the Status column
  • change the status of the period, click Open or Closed in the Status column

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