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Administration -> MS Project Server 2003 -> PWA Login Page Customization
As we know, there is no dropdown box on Project Server authentication login page. User has to type the user name with exact spelling to logon to Project Server. I am explaining the below to customize the login page to show the dropdown box with user names.

  • Create the system DSN on MS Project Server from control panel and establish the connection to Project Server database
  • You have to add the new ASP page under default directory of Project Server. Download the “PSUSERS.ASP” from below. Please look the code of PSUSERS.ASP and set the correct password on the following statement.


    Here, I am using PC11DSN which is the default system DSN on project server machine (please check for default system DSN on control panel ODBC sources); MSProjectServerUSer is the database user name to access Project Server database (SQL Authentication); Password is the password to access the project server database
  • We have to modify/replace the existing ASP Page called “LGNPS.ASP”. Updated LGNPS.ASP is available for download in below. Please copy and paste the code from document and saved as LGNPS.ASP

    I suggest to take the backup of existing LGNPS.ASP prior to replace it with the below downloaded code.

Download ASP pages :



After you copy the above two files under default web directory of project server, your PWA login page will populate the user names in dropdown.

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