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MS Project Server Errors -> Import a Spreadsheet into WSS Site - Error
You receive "Method Post of object IOWSPostData failed" error message when you are trying to import a spreadsheet. Also you might be see "object doesn't support property or method" error while importing data.

Possible Cause of Error:

I seen most of the time this error, when applications are installed from two versions of MS Office family on same machine.


If you have MS Excel 2003, MS Outlook 2003, MS Project 2003 installed from MS Office 2003 family.

MS Project Professional 2007 installed from MS Office 2007 family.

If you are in this scenario, you can try the following. It may be eliminates your error during import operation.

When you have the combination of applications installed from two different families of MS Office products, your system will be have the following folders under \Program Files\Microsoft Office:
  • OFFICE11
  • OFFICE12

EXPTOOWS.DLL and EXPTOOWS.XLA files are related to Spreadsheet import operation. When you have both folders Office 11 & Office 12, you will be having these two files on both the folders.

You have to copy EXPTOOWS.DLL and EXPTOOWS.XLA files from Office 11 and paste in Office 12 folder. Please remember, donít overwrite the existing files in Office 12. Itís always safer to rename those files.

  • Navigate to path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\1033
  • Rename the existing files in \OFFICE12\1033 as follows (Optional step, it always safer to keep this files for future):

              EXPTOOWS.DLL -> EXPTOOWS-Ver12.DLL

              EXPTOOWS.XLA -> EXPTOOWS.XLA-Ver12.DLL

  • Navigate to path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\1033
  • Navigate to path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\1033
  • Paste the copied files
Relauch the site and try again.

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