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PWA 2003 -> Outlook Integration -> Import Tasks
Import PWA Task Assignments

When you import tasks, all tasks that are assigned to you that fall within the date range defined in PWA are imported. By default, they are places directly on your calendar as free appointments. Each appointment name is the combination of the task name and the project name. (Displayed as task name – project name, for example Software Localization is project name and Finalize cost analysis is the task name, you will see the appointment as Finalize cost analysis – Software Localization).

NOTE: Prior to import the tasks, you must have published assignments by PM on PWA.

NOTE: PMs should use Collaborate option to publish assignments from project plan. Please remember to publish the assignments can be possible with only enterprise resources.

1) Verify PWA Tasks:

Click on PWA folder from Outlook to display PWA home page


Access the PWA home page by entering URL on Internet Explorer.

On PWA home page, click on “Tasks” from top menu option

Your tasks will be displayed by Project Name under View my tasks. (If you didn’t see any tasks here, please contact your PM to publish the tasks)

2) Outlook Settings to Import Tasks:

You can set tasks to import and update automatically at regular intervals by day, week, or month. From Outlook, you can also change the date range for tasks that you import.

On Microsoft Outlook, Tools -> Options -> Project Web Access

Please specify the required settings using the above screen and click “Apply” and “OK”

3) Import Tasks Manually

You can import tasks by performing the following steps:

On Outlook, by clicking “Import New Assignments” tab


On Outlook, Tools -> Project Web Access -> Import New Assignments

New assignments will be imported from PWA and the following screen will be displayed:

Review the new assignments in the “Import Assignments from Project Web Access” dialog box, and then click “OK”.

The above tasks will be appearing in Outlook calendar as appointment. See below fig:

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