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PWA 2003 -> Tasks -> Submit Task Update
 % Work Complete   | Actual Work    

Update percent work completed

  • Logon to PWA
  • Click on "Tasks" link from top menu
  • You will see the "View my tasks" page with grid below. This page contains a personalized view of all the work assigned to a team member across one or more projects and by one or more project managers.
  • View tasks in Gantt Chart view
  • Enter % work Complete Value against task

Click on one of the button:
  • Update All: This option saves and submits all task updates that your made on timesheet
  • Update Selected Rows: You can select the only those tasks that you would like to submit. (Please highlight the entire row of the task/tasks to select)
  • Save Changes: This option saves all task updates on timesheet view for future submits.

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