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PWA 2007 -> Check in my projects

If you are trying to open project plan and it appears as checked out in the File-> Open dialog box, it means your previous connection to project server was interrupted or if Project Professional is closed abruptly before you can check in a project.

You can force a check-in of your own project by using the "Check in my projects " link in the Project Center.

Please note, this feature only to check in projects that you checked out by you; you can not check in project that was checked out by another user. Only a Project Server administrator can check in a project that is checked out to any user.

  • Click on “Project Center” link on PWA home page

  • Project list will be displayed
  • Click on Go To list button and choose Check in my projects

  • Force Check-in My Projects page will be displayed.This page lists all projects currently checked out by you. Look for the project/projects that preventing you to open, select the check box left to the project
  • Click on Check in link to check in project to the server

  • Click on OK on confirmation dialog box to check in project

Review the Job State column, if it says “Processing”, it means still system is processing your check-in request. Refresh browser and make sure your request has been processed.

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