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PWA 2007 -> Project Center
The Project Center within Office Project Web Access provides the web portal view about project information and status about projects.

From the Project Center view, you can do the following:

  • View Project Summary
  • Project Schedule (Gantt chart view)
  • Add enterprise resources into project plan
  • Open project plan
  • Open Master Project
  • View SharePoint site

Project Summary  |Project Schedule  |Add Resources  |Open Project  |Master Project |Project Workspace

Open Consolidated Project (Master Project)

From Project Center, you can view multiple projects is one single file. You can open up any combination of project plans in one temporary master (consolidated project) from PWA.

  • On PWA home page, click on Project Center from left menu
  • Project list will be displayed
  • Highlight the required projects that you’d like to view in a consolidated Project
  • Click on Edit    OR    Actions -> Edit Read Only

    Note: Edit mode opens in RW mode

  • Consolidated Project will be created and opened in Project Professional 2007 with all selected projects inserted

    Note: To open project plan, you should have MS Project Professional 2007 installed on your machine and need to have Enterprise Project Server Profile.

  • Expand the project plans by clicking + to view the entire information

    Optional step: If you want to save the consolidated project to server as Master Project, add the summary task line on first row of the Gantt chart and indent sub projects. Save and Publish the master project.

  • File menu -> Close to close the consolidated project
  • Select Discard Changes for save prompt and click OK

  • Close the Consolidated Project without saving individual inserted projects(Click “No to All” for any save prompts)

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