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WSS 2.0 -> Import Excel Spreadsheet into a SharePoint
As we know, most of us will manage our information by using Excel Spreadsheets. I agree this is most easy and convenient way to manage the information in excel file.

Most of the organizations are now using the SharePoint environment for team collaboration and using the SharePoint to manage the document repository, Information lists, and Issues/Risks logs etc.

Managing the information list on SharePoint is not different from managing excel content on your desktop. Believe me, it’s simple. I am presenting the mechanism here, so you can manage your excel content on SharePoint. The advantage of doing this, you can have your information on centralized location and can be shared the info through web browser.

Let’s assume the following scenario:

You have an excel file that contains customer information and you are managing the following information on your local machine. Let’s assume the file looks like the below:

If you want to manage the same information from SharePoint, you have to import the excel file into SharePoint as list. Here are the steps to convert an Excel spreadsheet into a SharePoint list:
  • On top menu of the SharePoint site, Click on “Create”

  • Click on “Import Spreadsheet”

  • Please provide the details “Name of the list; Description” and use the Browse button to select the file from your machine

    In this example, I entered the following:

          Name: Customers

          Description: Customer Details
  • Click on “Import”
  • You have to specify the Range Type; Range and click on "Import"

  • The above step creates the SharePoint list with name “Customers”

Now, you can view/edit the customer information on SharePoint site. If you want to manage this list from your desktop (Working offline on SharePoint Lists), please read the section: “Manage Lists with Excel 2003 “

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