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Uploading Files to Document Library

After a library has been created, you can add the required documents/files to it.
  • Launch the site
  • On home page of the site, click the required document library in Quick Launch (click the required document library in left menu)


    If you didn’t see the document library on Quick Launch or left menu, please do the following:

    On home page of the site, click on “View All Site Content” link located on above Documents link -> Click on the document library where you want to add the files under Document Libraries section
  • In the Document Library section, click the Upload dropdown link
  • Please see below for single file upload or multiple file upload procedures

To upload a single document:
  • Click on Upload Document -> Click Browse button -> Navigate to the location of the required file and Click Open
  • Select “Overwrite existing files” option, if you want to overwrite the existing file with same name
  • Click “OK”
  • Enter Title, Owner and Status information for the document. (You can use the browse icon to set the owner of the document)
  • Click “OK” (Note: By clicking Cancel does not cancel the upload process. Here you are cancelling the entering properties information.)

To upload multiple documents:
  • Click on Upload Multiple Documents
  • Upload Documents window will be displayed
  • On left side of the window, you will be having the ability to choose the location of the file on your machine or drive
  • On right side of the window, you will be having the ability to select the required documents by checking the box against to name of file
  • Click on “OK”
  • Click on “Yes” on confirmation window

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