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Create a list based on a spreadsheet
You can save time when you create a list by importing a spreadsheet file, if your data is already in a spreadsheet format. When you create a list from a spreadsheet, its headings become columns in the list, and the rest of the data is imported as list items.

After you import data into a list, you can customize its settings and continue to add data to it, as you would any list on a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site.


You have an excel file that contains customer information and you are managing the following information on your local machine. Let’s assume the file looks like the below:

If you want to manage the same information from SharePoint, you have to import the excel file into SharePoint as list.

Here are the steps to convert an Excel spreadsheet into a SharePoint list:

The above step creates the SharePoint list with name “Customer Data”

Tips: You have to specify the Range of your excel data. (Click on "Sheet1! " text on dropdown to activate the excel sheet; Select the required data range by choosing the required contect on excel file.)

If You receive "Object doesn't support property or method" error message when you are trying to import a spreadsheet, click here to read the steps to troubleshoot the issue.

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