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Create a New Document Library

Create a New Document Library
  • Launch the site
  • On the Site Actions menu -> Click on Create
  • On Create page, click on Document Library under Libraries
  • Enter the name of that you want to give the document library (Example: Design Documents)
  • Enter the Description of the document library (Example: This document library contains all the files related to system design of the EPM system)
  • Specify that you want to have a link to this document library appears in left menu
  • Specify whether you want to have a new version of the file on every edit of the file in this document library
  • Choose the document template that defaults for all new files created in this document library
    (If you choose the Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 document as template, whenever you create the new file on this document library, MS Word application launched to create the new file)
  • Click the Create button
The new document library “Design Documents” appears on site.

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