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View Document Version History

When Versioning is enabled, WSS creates a separate copy of the document each time the document is edited.

If you are not able to view the version history of the document, it means versioning may not be enabled on that document library. Please see the “Enable Versioning” to know the steps on how to enable versioning.

  • Access the document library
  • Look for required document
  • Move your mouse over the document you would like see the version history
  • Click on Version History
  • You will see the each version of the saved document with date and time that version was created, and any comments for that version appear
  • Move the mouse over on Date and Time value under Modified column
  • You will see the options View, Restore and Delete
  • To replace the current version with one of the earlier version, choose Restore option
  • To view the contents of the document on that particular version, choose View
  • Delete option to delete the particular version

Tip: It is good practice to delete the unwanted version files to free the storage space on the server.

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