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WSS 3.0 -> Replace Default Project Workspace logo (Windows SharePoint Services logo at right side)
You could use your orginaztion logo instead of default logo "Windows SharePoint Services" in the right zone of the site.

In this example, I am showing the steps to replace the default logo “Windows SharePoint Services” with new image called "epmcentral.jpg"

Note: To perform the following steps, you need to have SharePoint administrator access.

  • Step 1: Create Picture library and Import custom image (Example: epmcentral.jpg)
  • Step 2: Display the custom image in the Site Image Web Part

Step 1: Create Picture library and Import custom image
  • On home page of the SharePoint site, click on View All Site Content on quick launch
  • Click on Create
  • Click on Picture Library under Libraries section
  • Give name as SiteImages
  • Click on Create to create the picture library
  • You will be on SiteImages library; on the list toolbar for the library, click Upload
  • Click Browse and locate the custom image file on your machine and then click OK
  • Enter Image properties (Title) click OK to complete the upload
  • You will see the SiteImages Picture Library URL similar to below:

    Copy the SiteImages Picture Library URL as below to notepad

    Note: Please discard the part “Forms/AllItems.aspx”

  • Identify the Image File Name (In this example, “epmcentral logo.jpg” is file name)

  • Construct the full URL of the image by adding the file name to SiteImages URL as below:
    http://epm2007/Data%20Warehouse/SiteImages/epmcentral logo.jpg

    Replace each space in image file name with %20

    So, complete URL of the image file will be


    Tip:You should view the image file on browser by pasting the above URL on IE address bar.

Step 2: Display the custom image in the Site Image Web Part:

  • At upper right of the site, click on Site Actions menu, click Edit Page

  • Click on edit of Site Image Web Part; click Modify Shared Web Part

  • Paste the URL from notepad of the image file that you imported by pressing CTRL+V at Test Link as and “EPM Central” as Alternative Text; Click OK

  • Click on Apply to save the image
  • Click Exit Edit Mode to close the edit process

New image will be displayed on home page.

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