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Articles -> WSS 3.0 -> Securing a Library
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Securing a Library

By default, the document library can be access by all users that they have access to site. In some situations, you might be wanted to restrict the access to particular group of users.

To perform this activity, you should have sufficient permissions. Please check with your SharePoint administrator for any issues about permissions.

In this fictional example, I am describing the steps to secure the document library called “PMO Documents” to small group of people. In this example, I am creating the new SharePoint user group called “PMO Team” and adding user names (jsmith,kimroy and srini) to the group. These individuals only can see the document library when they logon to site. Document library will not be visible for rest of the people even though they have access to the site.

The following steps will be required to steps to restrict the document library to group of the people.

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